Windfall (I)

Windfall (I)

1h 5m
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Parking Ramp employee Marcus Crawsley finds a way to make his seemingly endless and repetitive days not so similar anymore when he finds and pockets two thousand dollars from a stairwell and then has to deal with the repercussions – being confronted by the rightful hand behind the money, a drug kingpin. Unwittingly and unwillingly becoming involved in the drug ring, Marcus sees his life take a one eighty turn. His coworkers begin to experience life or death moments in explosive chaos, his already failing romantic life becomes increasingly unhinged with the sudden spin of several lies, and his new employees are dangerous people who may have a vendetta for him. Who can he trust, where can he go, and what can he do? Marcus’ life is falling apart all around him, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it as it hits him as hard as a train does it’s tracks.—Live Free



Mike Barkhoff

Marcus Crawsley

Travis Barkhoff


Yung Bong


Dillon Bosler



This was written and filmed as a the first season of a web series, with a total of 4 seasons mapped out. This changed when many of the cast no longer had a role in Barkhoff’s life, so he decided to edit it into a full length movie instead.





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