The Other End

The Other End

1h 27m
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A reformed hunter now living secluded in a wildlife sanctuary after the disappearance of his teen daughter years ago saves a young girl from being killed by a serial killer but gets caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. His path crosses with the town’s sheriff who also seeks to bring the serial killer to justice after the discovery of the body of a teenaged girl.—[email protected]



Christina Ricci


Santino Barnard


Don Durrell

Mr. Langtree (as Don Baldaramos)

Colleen Camp

Mrs. Langtree


The spear-launching tool used In the movie is called an “Atlatl”. Spear-throwers appear very early in human history in several parts of the world, and have survived in use in traditional societies until the present day, as well as being revived in recent years for sporting purposes. In the United States the Nahuatl word atlatl is often used for revived uses of spear-throwers. Australian aboriginals called their spear throwing tool a Woomera. It is still used by traditional owners in rural areas of Australia, and was in common use by first people throughout the country only 230 years ago.





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