The 4th

The 4th

2h 9m
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Married couple Allison and Mark Hughes moving into their new Palm Springs home. Claire and Jim Ericson are their charismatic new neighbors. Claire, a sensual ex-model, and Jim, a music producer, embody the passionate marriage that Allison wants. Unable to sleep one night, Allison spies with her camera a woman arriving to meet Jim next door. Allison investigates and discovers their neighbors are swingers. She and Mark get more than they bargained for when their wild adventures threaten to destroy their marriage.



Saoirse Ronan

Jo March

Emma Watson

Meg March

Florence Pugh

Amy March

Eliza Scanlen

Beth March


Diane Farr has full frontal nudity in this movie (the first in her career). When she appeared in Californication (2007), she requested to be replaced by a body double for her nude scene.





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