Rabid Dogs

Rabid Dogs

1h 40m
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On paper, it was supposed to be a simple, in-and-out bank heist in the heart of the bustling city centre. However, there is no such thing as a foolproof plan. Now, with a bag crammed with cash, a trail of dead bodies, and nearly every police officer in town after them, gang leader, Sabri, and his two violent partners-in-crime find themselves cornered. And, forced to think up a desperate, last-minute plan to stay alive, the ruthless criminals resort to adding kidnapping to the already heavy charges. As a result, a young brunette, an unfortunate father, and his gravely ill four-year-old daughter become hostages, as the trigger-happy gangsters engage in a frantic escape across the country over the course of a single day. But in this hopeless fight for survival, nothing is what it seems.—Nick Riganas



Lambert Wilson

Le père

Virginie Ledoyen

La femme

Guillaume Gouix


François Arnaud



This movie is a sort of remake of Mario Bava’s Cani Arrabbiati, shot in 1974.





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