Pilgrimage (2017)

Pilgrimage (2017)

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Spinning words into deliberately obscure, ambiguous, and unclear meanings–twisting and bending the truth to exonerate the dregs of society–the silver-tongued defence lawyer and neglectful father, Frank Valera, has made a fortune by distorting words. Dynamic, successful, and on top of his game, Valera will soon see his world crumble, when his wife, Sue, and his young daughter, Olivia, everything he holds dear, fall prey to a sadistic predator. But now, it is too late for tears and remorse, and without a break in the case, Frank decides to take a vow of silence, triggering a gradual but radical transformation. In other words, Frank is hell-bent on making those behind the hideous crime pay; however, does he have what it takes to fulfil his bloody mission of vengeance?—Nick Riganas



Nikos Karathanos

Saint Matthias

Akilas Karazisis

The Killer (as Akillas Karazisis)

Tom Holland

Brother Diarmuid - The Novice

Jon Bernthal

The Mute


Isaac Florentine: plays Frank Valera’s karate instructor.





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