Impact Earth

Impact Earth

1h 34m
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A former NASA asteroid tracker discovers a looming asteroid collision that could send it on a collision-course with Earth. Because he made a wrong call ten years earlier that cost him his career, nobody at NASA will listen to him when he starts raising the waning flags. Desperate to alert the public, and now certain of a collision, he and his student assistant publish a video telling the world about this looming danger. He gathers his family and his student assistant and they begin a journey towards a fall-out shelter owned by his old mentor over 100 miles away. When meteors tear up the highway they’re driving on and nearly get them killed, they have to take the rest of the journey by foot through a dark forest filled with unexpected dangers. The journey will bring this family closer than ever as they try to get to safety before it’s too late.—Alta Vista Entertainment Group



Bernard Curry

Tim Harrison

Brooke Langton

Stella Harrison

Caitlin Carver

Julia Waters

Lew Temple

Sam Dresser


Tim Harrison collects his son from home for their weekly Wednesday date. The boy says: “That’s Cygnus X-1. Right?” While pointing into the sky. That star is not visible to the unaided eye.





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