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PLOT SUMMARY This story is an accurate, historical portrayal of a true American legend, John Wesley Hardin. A product of Texas, a Confederate state during the civil war period and ensuing reconstruction era, where the Yankee state police patrolled and a man’s word was worth more than a man’s life, Hardin became a cowboy, who spent his free time gambling, drinking and becoming proficient in handling firearms. So proficient, in fact, that he once even got the drop on the famous Wild Bill Hickok. Hardin became a gunfighter using his intelligence, ingenuity and wit as well as his youthful choirboy looks to survive. Throughout his life, Hardin tried to be a good husband and loving father but was trouble prone, always straying from the straight and narrow, a fact that was only made worse by his excessive drinking. He invariably seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and guns were his only defense. Ironically, it was the gun that ended the legend.—Larry Zeug



Martin Kove

Mannen Clements Sr.

Marshall R. Teague

John B Armstrong

Frank Stallone

Jack Helm

John Luder



42 Men killed and the last thing they saw was the flash from John Wesley Hardin’s guns, the most notorious, deadly gunfighter who ever lived, a True American Legend





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