Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

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A pregnant mother Elisa, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, gives birth to her baby daughter Anna and attempts to be part of her life by allocating 18 sentimental emotional gifts for her unborn daughter, soon after realizing that she has breast cancer. Elisa does this during her life time to allow Anna to receive her birthday gifts every year on her birthday until attaining the womanhood. Elisa dies when her baby is just one year old and Anna gets to know about her mother’s love and sacrifice after growing up and feels guilty.—Wiki



Mark Wahlberg

Cade Yeager

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Edmund Burton

Josh Duhamel

Colonel William Lennox

Laura Haddock

Vivian Wembly


At the bar, Anna tells Walter that he doesn’t need to ask permission to sleep with her since she turned 18. In Italy, the age of consent is 14. However, people all over the world make this mistake all the time, since 18 *is* the legal age for most things.





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