Apache Junction

Apache Junction

1h 34m
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Apache Junction is an Old West outpost of lawlessness, a haven for thieves and cold-blooded killers. When big-city reporter Annabelle Angel arrives in town and becomes a target, notorious gunslinger Jericho Ford comes to her aid. Now, Annabelle must entrust her future to a man with a deadly past as Jericho heads toward a tense showdown.—Front Row Filmed Entertainment



Scout Taylor-Compton

Annabelle Angel (as Scout Taylor Compton)

Stuart Townsend

Jericho Ford

Ricky Lee

Wasco (as Ricky Lee Regan)

Ed Morrone

Oslo Pike


In the trailer, the lead characters are facing each other for a shoot out in town, there are a number of straw bales, or hay bales. They are perfectly cuboid just like produced on modern day baling machines,. Also if they are straw bales, then wheat was not planted in sufficient quantity to make machine baling practical.





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