Acts of Revenge

Acts of Revenge

1h 43m
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Gordon is confronting with every parent’s nightmare when his adolescent son David is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Police pursue a few weak leads but fail to find the killer. Gordon and his wife Carrie’s lives turn upside down with the shocking loss of their only child. Just then, Gordon meets an ex-detective Antonio and Doctor William to join their support group that consists other people from diverse backgrounds who suffer from the same type of losses of their loved ones. Step by step, Gordon becomes a trusted member of the group and finds out grisly clues of their secret agenda. Eventually, Gordon has to decide how far he can go for the memory of his beloved son and the justice he deserves.—Gloaming Light Productions



Richard Tyson

Antonio Rugada

Matt Cinquanta

Gordon Donnor

Kurt Sinclair

William Hobson

Kate Orsini

Karen Dune


This low budget indie was shot in 24 days with a young and talented crew.





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