The Trouble with Mistletoe (2017)

The Trouble with Mistletoe (2017)

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On the sunny and seemingly ordinary Friday of January 13, 2006, the bohemian martial-arts instructor, Fernando Araujo, and his hand-picked four-member crew stormed into the branch of Banco Río in the affluent neighbourhood of Acassuso, Buenos Aires. As the thieves work fast, emptying dozens of safety deposit boxes crammed with millions of dollars, precious jewellery, and heavy gold bullion bars, the chief negotiator, Miguel Sileo, and his armed-to-the-teeth men encircle the silent two-storey building, in the aftermath of the bloody Villa Ramallo robbery. Now, five determined bank thieves along with twenty-three helpless hostages find themselves trapped in the building. Will the audacious robbers get away with the heist of the century?—Nick Riganas



Keanu Reeves

John Wick

Halle Berry


Ian McShane


Laurence Fishburne

Bowery King


In the real heist, when the special forces team finally stormed the bank, the seven bandits watched it live on TV while counting cash and eating pizza. Or at least they thought it was live. TV stations covered the operation on a 30-minute delay, because they assumed the gang would be watching from inside the bank and didn’t want to tip them off that a raid was coming. They figured they would trick the thieves.





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