The Spider

The Spider

2h 5m
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With his uncouth manner, Professor Pohl doesn’t enjoy the best reputation at the university where he works. To make matters worse, he makes a racist remark when student Naima arrives late for his lecture. Unfortunately for him, a video of his verbal outburst spreads like wildfire on the Internet, and the university’s president, Lambrecht, is called to deal with the incident. But Pohl is not dismissed. Instead, he is put to the task of helping Naima prepare for an important debating competition. The lecturer and the student could not be more different, yet they are thrown together to work as a team.—Canon y mus



Michael Caine

Joe Harding

Alan Arkin

Albert Garner


Annie Santori

Matt Dillon

FBI Agent Arlen Hamer


The song to which the two main characters are dancing to lower their stress level is “Use Me” by Bill Withers, reflecting their relationship.





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