The Gallows

The Gallows

1h 21m
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Students from Nebraska discover some strange things that have happened to their school. Charlie Grimille, a innocent high school student that went to the same school as the victims earlier in the plot line was in a play called “Gallow.” He was supposed to be standing on a thin wooden board with his neck around a loose rope. That board fell through and caused Charlie to die on the spot. Many years later, these high school students decide to reenact the play in Charlie’s honor. When the lead role gets a bad case of stage fright, they decide to go to the school the night before to ruin the set so the play wouldn’t happen. Little did they know what would happen after that..



Reese Mishler

Reese Houser

Pfeifer Brown

Pfeifer Ross

Ryan Shoos

Ryan Shoos

Cassidy Gifford

Cassidy Spilker


The opening Charlie Grimille hanging was a played by ear sequence with the rest of the cast and crew during its initial shots, Directors/writer Lofing pitched to Cluff and the actor Jesse Cross of not informing the rest of the cast and crew of the sudden prop malfunction they had scripted in, leading everybody to believe Cross had actually just hung to death, the genuine screams, horror and frantic rushing of the crowd encapsulated exactly what Lofing had envisioned for the beginning death sequence and maintained the very first few shots as the film’s opening.





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