The Assent (2019)

The Assent (2019)

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Daniel, Sara and their only son Eric are a happy family that move to an old house in the country. Working as home restaurateurs, Daniel and Sara plans for restoring and sale the house after the job be done change drastically when the own Eric is found dead in the pool close to the house. Broken by the pain, Sara moves to her parents for a days after a strong discussion with him, while Daniel keeps alone in the house. However, at the next night Daniel tapes Eric’s voice in his cell phone when he was sending an audio message to apologize Sara. Looking for answers, Daniel meets Germán Redondo, a veteran and renowned writer and supernatural investigator specialized in electronic voice phenomena. Traveling to the house with his daughter Ruth, Germán analyzes Daniel’s audio message, installing infrared cameras hoping to find any kind of ghostly activity, while at the same time Ruth tries get closer to her father, still affected by the suicide of his wife (Ruth’s mother) happened years ago. Checking her cell phone, Sara is called by strange and creepy voices, hearing Eric between them, forcing her to return just to find Germán with Daniel while Ruth, visiting the nearby town, learns the dark past of the house. Running scared to back with her father, Ruth explains that 300 years ago the house was used as witchcraft trial by the Spanish Inquisition. When Sara turns in the new victim in the most horrible way, Daniel, Germán and Ruth try destroy the house to put end to the blood bath, looking the secret place where the witches were tortured and condemned. Will can they get it before the house kills them?—Chockys



Faizon Love

Jack Carter

Kirk Fox

Archie Moses

Tony Todd

Special Agent Battle

Cassie Clare



Voces translates from Spanish into English as Voices.





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