Sun Choke

Sun Choke

1h 23m
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As she recovers from a recent violent psychotic break, Janie is subjected each day to a bizarre holistic health and wellness regimen designed, and enforced, by her lifelong nanny and caretaker, Irma. When her mother died, Irma promised her father to care for Janie during her life. Janie begins to veer off the road to recovery when she develops an obsession with a young woman, Savannah, that she feels an inexplicable yet profound connection to. The obsession turns increasingly invasive, and wedges all three women into an ever-tightening, and terrifying struggle for control. Will she pull herself back from the precipice of insanity? Or will she go over head-first, taking anyone nearby down with her?—Lodger Films



Sarah Hagan


Sara Malakul Lane


Barbara Crampton


William Nicol



Sara Malakul Lane said she did a lot of stuff pretty much for real during filming. “I had a lot of cuts on my wrists from one scene and I genuinely was gagging for another scene because you are really in it and I think it’s important just to go all out. The audience will really get the experience if you are really feeling it. There was no safety or anything, we just kind of went for it. After the third or fourth take it becomes really tiring on the body and you think, ‘Oh shit, what did I get myself into?'” But Lane said the most uncomfortable scene was the sex one with William Nicol. “Usually when you’re doing these sex scenes or rape scenes, there’s 6 or 7 crew members in the room. With this scene because they were filming it through the window, it was just me and the other actor in the room doing a sex scene essentially. That was uncomfortable.”





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