Suburbicon (2017)

Suburbicon (2017)

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In the bosom of Suburbicon–a family-centred, all-white utopia of manicured lawns and friendly locals–a simmering tension is brewing, as the first African-American family moves in the idyllic community, in the hot summer of 1959. However–as the young patriarch, Gardner Lodge, and his family start catching a few disturbing glimpses of the once-welcoming neighbourhood’s dark underbelly–seemingly random acts of unprecedented violence paired with a gruesome death will blemish, irreparably, Suburbicon’s picture-perfect facade. Who would have thought that darkness resides even in Paradise?—Nick Riganas



Steve Monroe

Mailman Henry

Gavin Wilde

Cowboy Kid

Landon Gordon

Kid on Bike

Hope Banks

Mrs. Pendalton


The community and its racial tension is closely based on the true events that occurred in the community of Levittown, PA. The news interviews that appear on TV are from the actual citizens. They come from a documentary called “Crisis In Levittown, PA” from 1957. It can be found on Youtube.





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