Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

1h 36m
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Waking inside a laboratory on an airship, a man recalls bullies from his childhood. A scientist, Estelle, greets him and tells him his name is Henry, she is his wife, and that he has been revived from an accident that left him amnesiac and mute. After she replaces a missing arm and leg with cybernetic prostheses, mercenaries led by the psychokinetic Akan raid the ship, claiming all of Estelle’s research is Akan’s corporate property. He kills Estelle’s scientists before attempting to murder Henry, but Henry and Estelle flee in an escape pod, landing in Moscow. Estelle is abducted by the mercenaries, who try to kill Henry..



Jessie Buckley


Johnny Flynn

Pascal Renouf

Geraldine James

Hilary Huntington

Olwen Fouéré

Theresa Kelly (as Olwen Fouere)


Henry was played by 10 different stuntmen and cameramen including the director Ilya Naishuller. He was originally played by Russian stuntman/camera operator Sergey Valyaev but the camera rig used in production eventually caused him severe neck pain and the role was given to Andrei Dementiev – who also suffered neck pain as well in addition to losing a tooth after being struck by a stuntman. In the scenes where Danila Kozlovskiy and Sharlto Copley talked directly to Henry, Valyaev and Dementiev wore shades to prevent the actors or actresses from looking at them instead of the camera.





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