Ride (2018)

Ride (2018)

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For years, Kate Mara had refused to do true nude scenes. She had done brief scenes in the past where she was nude but didn’t actually show anything, but it wasn’t until she started working with her friend Elliot Page on this film that she not only agreed to be naked, she agreed to have sex on screen with another woman (at the moment of making the movie Page still publicly identified as a woman). When talking about the experience in an interview, she noted that it was all natural, because she and Page were so comfortable with each other and they felt they had an instant connection and trust.



Elle Fanning

Mary Shelley

Bel Powley

Claire Clairmont

Owen Richards

William Godwin

Joanne Froggatt

Mrs. Godwin


Lucy and others demonstrate outside a prison about to execute a mentally disabled man for killing a cop. She meets Mercy, who is there with her mom and dad, a cop, to support the execution. Once home again with her big sister Martha and kid brother Ben, Lucy googles Mercy. She’s a lawyer. Lucy’s dad is to be executed in a few months for allegedly killing her mom 8 years ago, when Lucy was 14 and Ben a baby. Martha has been like a mom for them since. The siblings have a pro bono lawyer trying to get their dad off death row. The cute Mercy keeps meeting up with Lucy.—Scott Filtenborg





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