Lung II

Lung II

1h 31m
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Obsessed with breaking into the U.S. Air Force highly classified facility known only as Area 51, three young friends and zealous conspiracy theorists–Reid, Darrin and Ben–travel to Las Vegas. Equipped with state-of-the-art gear, they team up with Jelena, the daughter of the secret installation’s former employee, and summon up the courage to sneak into the facility, intent on unearthing its otherworldly mysteries. There, in the bowels of the heavily guarded compound, terrifying truths and unfathomable knowledge await, and only the audacious UFO investigators’ raw footage can prove their existence. However, can they make it back in one piece to share it with the world?—Nick Riganas



Tia Carrere

Ms. Cherry Bomb

Sugar Lyn Beard

Allison / Mark's wife

Jason Lewis


Diane Farr

Claire / Jim's wife


This film had (for some reason) been completed but kept on the shelf since 2009. In 2015, it finally came out in select theaters and VOD on 15th May.





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