Les Cowboys

Les Cowboys

1h 44m
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Right under everyone’s noses, Kelly–the sixteen-year-old daughter of the devoted father and aspiring country singer, Alain–vanishes into thin air, during a mid-1990s cowboy fair. Convinced that his girl is kidnapped and that her incomprehensible disappearance is somehow connected to her newly discovered Muslim boyfriend, a furious and desperate Alain sets out on a long journey into the unknown to find missing Kelly, following a menacing trail of breadcrumbs from Antwerp to Yemen and Pakistan. Against the backdrop of the devastating September 11 attacks, Alain and his son, Georges, find themselves always one step behind, as fierce hatred turns into destructive obsession. A father and a brother want their Kelly back; however, is the young woman they seek, the woman they lost?—Nick Riganas



François Damiens

Alain Balland

Finnegan Oldfield

Georges Balland, dit Kid

Agathe Dronne

Nicole Balland

Ellora Torchia



François Damiens plays a character very close to the one he had a couple of years earlier, in Gare Du Nord, where he also played a character searching for his wayward daughter.





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