Infinity Chamber

Infinity Chamber

1h 43m
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Frank is in a coffee shop viewing a photo of conifers across a lake when the glass reflects two ISN agents men firing red-lighted weapons at his back. When he awakes, he is trapped in an automated prison with an AI presence, who answers to the name of Howard, acting as his LSO (Life Support Officer). Howard is not forthcoming with much information. Frank is, in fact, guilty of creating a computer virus that crashed the fascist regime’s system. The AI probes his memories hoping Frank will disclose where he hid the thumb drive that contains the virus. His replayed memories keep taking him to the coffee shop and its owner Gabby.—Garon Smith



Christopher Soren Kelly


Cassandra Clark


Cajardo Lindsey


Jesse D. Arrow

Howard / Patron


With a limited budget, Director Travis Milloy built the set himself using the most inexpensive materials he could find. To create futuristic walls in the prison cell he used plastic crates that are used to carry 2-liter soda pop bottles which he found next to dumpsters behind grocery stores. Not realizing the crates were re-used by the bottling company, unknowingly having stolen them, after the film was completed he returned the crates to the grocery stores where he found them.





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