I Dream in Another Language (2017)

I Dream in Another Language (2017)

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Sarah/Karen Gillan has a mom she avoids and a long distance relationship with Peter. After coughing up blood in her sleep and again at the hospital while waiting to see a doctor, she has tests taken. She’s later told that it’s an incurable terminal disease – despite feeling fine. As a dying patient, she’s offered replacement/cloning. Sarah has a double made at the replacement center as the longer the double spends with Sarah before dying, the more the double will be like Sarah. After 10 months, Sarah’s still feeling fine. The doctor tells her that she’s had a remission. What about the double? Sarah’s problem is that both her boyfriend Peter and her mom get much better along with the double than with Sarah. The law says that there can be only one – and it’s decided by a dual to the death. It’s time for combat training.—Scott Filtenborg



Maisie Williams

Rahne Sinclair

Anya Taylor-Joy

Illyana Rasputin

Charlie Heaton

Sam Guthrie

Alice Braga

Dr. Reyes


Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tampere, Finland was chosen as the filming location because of the Finnish government’s successful effort to curb corona cases.





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