Fox Trap (2019)

Fox Trap (2019)

1h 27m
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After the tragic loss of his wife battling the forces of darkness, Gabriel is persuaded to rejoin his former team of demon hunters traveling from relatively obscurity in America to the deep unknown regions of Europe. He is joined by his estranged best friend Michael who harbors a dark secret, the mystical Hannah whose visions predict the future, and a motley crew of demon slayers. After losing part of his team Gabriel must confront his tragic past and decide who really is friend or foe.



Thomas Jane

Wilfred James

Molly Parker

Arlette James

Dylan Schmid

Henry James

Kaitlyn Bernard

Shannon Cotterie


After coming upon the village, Ty (who had previously tased Jem, knocking her out) asks her a question and she declines to answer. He says, “Do you want to sleep again?” and visibly waves a flashlight (not a taser) in her face.





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