Erotica 2022

Erotica 2022

2h 17m
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Already in the first scene, we meet a make-up artist (Agata Buzek), who stops at the metro station after a few minutes. Then we get the first sign that this is not the reality we know – before getting on the subway, it stands in a special zone – there is a division into female and male. This is the heroine of “Znikania Pani B” a screenplay by Olga Tokarczuk, written with the director Anna Kazejak. The main character of the second part is a woman who travels by train (Monika Pikula). The script of “The Bear” is a joint work of Grazyna Plebanek and Anna Jadowska, who directed this fragment of the anthology. Then there is the highly theatrical and avant-garde “Mocno” directed by Kasia Adamik, who wrote the script with Joanna Bator and cast Agnieszka Zulewska in the lead role, “If you sit in silence for a long time, other animals will come to you” directed by Jagoda Szelc and based on the script her and Ilona Witkowska with Sara Celler-Jezierska and “Nocna Zmiana” directed by Olga Chajdas, a screenplay by Gaja Grzegorzewska. In the fifth installment of “Erotika 2022” we watch Malgosia Bela on the screen.—gazeta



Agata Buzek

Mrs. B. (segment "Znikanie pani B.")

Andrzej Konopka

Borys / Mrs. B.'s husband (segment "Znikanie pani B.")

Izabela Baran

Borys's girl (segment "Znikanie pani B.") / Girl (segment "Nocna zmiana")

Sebastian Stankiewicz

Writer Tomasz (segment "Znikanie pani B.")


The first feature film of Polish production for Netflix.





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