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An enigmatic young woman in conflict – torn between reason and passion; between her woman’s body and being raised as a prince; between the ancient and modern worlds and between the brilliance of her educated mind and the conservative forces around her. Crowned Queen at the age of six, Kristina of Sweden was thrust into a labyrinth of power and tradition, where a court of austere, Lutheran men pressure her to marry and produce an heir to fulfill her destiny. She finds sanctuary and love with her lady-in-waiting, the beautiful and elegant, countess Ebba Sparre, although the Chancellor, Axel Oxenstierna, pressures her to pair with his son, Johan. Soon the forces around the Queen realize that Ebba is the key to controlling her, but they underestimate Kristina’s brilliant mind and her drive to be free.—Triptych Media Inc.



Brooklynn Prince

Moonee (as Brooklynn Kimberly Prince)

Christopher Rivera


Aiden Malik


Josie Olivo

Grandma Stacy


Director Mika Kaurismäki said this film was very difficult to produce. First off, he had to find the right balance for the screenplay, which was very complicated. Also, coming from a small country, he didn’t have access to a lot of funds to produce these kinds of films so he had to go out and look for the money, which wasn’t easy. He said if the film had been about a male king, it might have been easier to find the money, but a female lead in this kind of role made it more difficult.





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