Dark Places

Dark Places

1h 53m
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Libby Day survived the massacre of her family in their farmhouse in the Kansas countryside when she was eight, and has been existing on donations and lectures ever since. 30 years ago, the police believed that a satanic cult was responsible for the murder of her mother and two sisters, and her brother Ben was convicted with her testimony in court. However, when acquaintance Lyle Wirth invites Libby to visit “The Kill Club”, where amateurs investigate famous crimes, she finds that they believe Ben is innocent. Libby needs money, so she accepts to revisit the slaughter of her family, and she faces up to the painful revelations and the ultimate truth.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Charlize Theron

Libby Day

Sterling Jerins

Young Libby Day

Nicholas Hoult

Lyle Wirth

Christina Hendricks

Patty Day


Amy Adams was originally cast in the lead role during development, but when the project was green-lit, Adams was unavailable, and Charlize Theron was cast instead. Adams later took the lead role in Sharp Objects (2018), a project based on another of Flynn’s novels.





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