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Three seniors, who have been wronged by the company they worked for thirty years and are living social security check to check, decide they have had enough. So, they plan to rob the bank that is taking their pension money. Joe Harding (Sir Michael Caine), a man who lives with his daughter and granddaughter, who which he has a strong relationship with is having troubles with his mortgage. Willy Davis (Morgan Freeman), lives very far away from the only family he has but needs desperate kidney surgery. Albert Gardner (Alan Arkin), a grumpy old man who a long time ago used to play the saxophone and is constantly flirting with the grandmother of his student. The problem is, they don’t even know how to handle a gun.—William Adkins



Matt Damon

Carroll Shelby

Christian Bale

Ken Miles

Jon Bernthal

Lee Iacocca

Caitríona Balfe

Mollie Miles (as Caitriona Balfe)


Sir Michael Caine went on to say that this movie was the happiest movie he ever made. This was because filming took place during the school holidays and Sir Michael Caine was able to bring his family along to New York City, including his grandchildren and in-laws, for filming. He found a house close to the set that they all stayed at and were able to enjoy the holidays together.





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