Blood of the Tribades

Blood of the Tribades

1h 25m
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Handsome young soccer player Jake Graham believes he is going insane- unable to shake the feeling of being stalked by something, by someone. His friends and everyone around him believe he’s just anxious and prone to paranoia, questioning his mental state. But Jake is actually being followed by a small group of serial killers that track, drug, torture and drown beautiful young men leaving only a graffiti Smiley Face as their signature.—The Hooded Figure



Dwayne Johnson

Mitch Buchannon

Zac Efron

Matt Brody

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Victoria Leeds (as Priyanka Chopra)

Alexandra Daddario

Summer Quinn


Loosely based on the Smiley face murder theory in which the bodies of young men have been mysteriously found in water with smiley face graffiti nearby, dating back to the 1990s. The deaths have been ruled as accidental drowning but many believe a serial killer or a group of killers may be involved. The plot of this movie is based on the latter theory.





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