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Sarah Duncliffe is pregnant and suicidal. She is married to a man she does not love, stalked by an abusive ex boyfriend, and haunted by a dead girl who stares at her with a bloated bluish face and sad, questioning eyes. After a mishap, Sarah is instructed by her doctor to stay in bed. Begrudgingly she does. That is, until a strange older man moves in next door. A man with black teeth and an odd habit of sneaking into Sarah’s yard to steal weeds. Emboldened by curiosity, Sarah sneaks into her neighbor’s yard – only to be locked inside a greenhouse. After she breaks a glass pane to escape, she cuts herself and faints. Sarah wakes and learns the neighbor had treated her wound with a strange herbal ointment and brought her to the hospital. Eventually Sarah gets up the nerve to introduce herself to her next door neighbor. They form a fast friendship and, when Sarah sneaks a look into his picture scrapbook, she discovers an amazing secret. He’s the same age in nearly every picture – pictures that span decades! Sarah discovers than her next door neighbor is over two thousand years old – a drifter with amazing stories and life experiences. But what is the secret behind his longevity and why did he enter her life when she is at her lowest point? When Sarah’s husband goes away on an unexpected business trip, her ex boyfriend shows up at her door. Even though Sarah and her ex are now married to other people, in a moment of weakness they had a one-night stand several months ago. Doubting that Sarah would want to sleep with her loser husband, the ex suggests that he is the father of Sarah’s baby. When Sarah coldly rejects him, her ex becomes enraged. Later that night, when Sarah’s ex spies her sneaking over to her neighbor’s house, his anger and jealously is uncontrollable. Events escalate to a violent confrontation that mortally injures Sarah’s ancient next-door neighbor and puts Sarah and her unborn child in peril. Sarah Duncliffe – once a young woman who welcomed death – must now choose to fight to survive. BLESSID is a dark preternatural tale about two strangers who come together to find the beauty and purpose of life, and that forgiveness begins within oneself.—Robert Heske



Rachel Kerbs

Sarah Duncliffe

Rick Montgomery Jr.

Jedediah Cross

Gene Silvers

Edward Duncliffe

Chris Divecchio



Waltz of the Titans





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