Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth

1h 34m
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Set over three days; two very different women who fall in love with each other. Jasmine is a successful fashion editor living with her fiancé in Toronto. On a Friday night while out in the city with her best friend Claire, she meets Dallas, a female roofer recently out of a relationship. Surprised by the confidence with which the two very different women connect, Jasmine becomes infatuated with the mysterious woman who is working with a crew on the house next door to hers. The chance meeting soon turns into desire that ignites in Jasmine when she becomes more acquainted with Dallas which leads her to accompany Dallas to her low-rent loft where the two women soon engage in passionate sex. As much as she struggles with her feelings over being sexually involved with another woman, she fears her tryst with Dallas might ruin her engagement with her fiancé should it ever become known.—Wiki



Erika Linder


Natalie Krill


Sebastian Pigott


Mayko Nguyen



The character of Dallas was a roofer. Screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi’s sister and father operate a roofing company. To prepare for the role, Erika Linder apprenticed as a roofer with their company for two weeks before shooting the film. She fooled one of their customers into thinking she was actually an experienced roofer after meticulously finishing their roof by herself.





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