Athena: The Goddess of War

Athena: The Goddess of War

1h 26m
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Athena, The Goddess of War (2015) launches viewers into a universe filled with Gods and Goddesses, Humans and betrayals, love and redemption. When Zeus learns of a plan by Hades to enslave mankind and force them to fight alongside his army Zeus forges a key to restrict passage between the realms to protect mankind. Unfortunately, Hades one step ahead of Zeus has already sent his bride and Queen of the Underworld Persephone to earth to find the key to open the passage way to earth allowing Hades’ evil and demonic creation called The Harbinger of Death to attack. The only thing standing between the impending invasion and certain annihilation of mankind is Athena, The Goddess of War and seven brave humans courageous enough to join the fight to save mankind.—Patrick Desmarattes



Victoria Vesce


Cali Danger


Adam Pupchek


Timothy Perez-Ross

The Interrogator (as Tim Ross)


At around 17:00 of the movie, a character is working at the Pentagon at 0834, or 8:34 AM. When the character calls the General, the officer mentions he was asleep because it was 1:52 AM. Even if Jennifer is calling from the East Coast, there is no part of the United States she could call that is in a time zone that is seven hours behind her, even if the General is living in Hawaii.





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