At the Door (2018)

At the Door (2018)

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Mariah Carey was scheduled to film a cameo but her scenes were never filmed. Will Ferrell recalled that she showed up four hours late, then didn’t want to do the scene she had agreed to do. She then delayed production by not wanting to sing the song (one of her own) that she was supposed to sing. This would have required the legal department to clear the song. Carey also required her trailer to be filled with white flowers and stuffed lambs. Carey’s scene was ultimately not filmed.



Michael B. Jordan

Adonis Johnson

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky Balboa

Tessa Thompson


Phylicia Rashad

Mary Anne Creed


Scott and Kate Johansson are elated to discover their daughter Alex has been accepted into bucknell university. However, the town college scholarship program refuses to fund any more tuitions. Out of options, the couple makes an executive decision to open an underground illegal casino in their friend Frank’s basement. Unfortunately, the authorities soon become suspicious. Now what?!—Emperor Jake





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