Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

2h 28m
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With the abandoned, walled city of Las Vegas overrun with zombies after a disastrous government fault, billionaire casino magnate Bly Tanaka realises he has left something behind in Sin City: $200 million. But for the time being, his mountains of cash are safe behind an impenetrable casino vault. Now Tanaka is willing to pay $50 million to decorated former mercenary Scott Ward and his hand-picked team to retrieve the money before the US President nukes the entire city. Indeed, this is a life-changing offer Scott cannot refuse; nevertheless, the rules have changed, and this time, the horde of the walking undead seems to be more organised than they might have expected. Above all, time is running out. Will Ward’s crew return from Vegas in one piece and rich?—Nick Riganas



Dave Bautista

Scott Ward

Ella Purnell

Kate Ward

Omari Hardwick


Ana de la Reguera

Maria Cruz


In the opening scene, two UFOs can be seen while the convoy is leaving Area 51





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