An Interview with God (2018)

An Interview with God (2018)

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Tree O’Toole who played the adult Annabelle Higgins is usually a stunt woman and has been a stunt for Vera Farmiga in the other Conjuring films. She also played the adult Annabelle Higgins in the first Annabelle (2014) film.



Ethan Hawke

Rev. Ernst Toller

Amanda Seyfried

Mary Mensana

Cedric the Entertainer

Rev. Joel Jeffers (as Cedric Antonio Kyles)

Victoria Hill



Doll manufacturer Samuel Mullins is a happy family man with his wife Esther and their daughter Bee–until she dies after being hit by a car. Twelve years later, Samuel and Esther welcomes a nun and six orphaned girls to his home. He tells them that only a locked room (that belonged to Bee) and Esther’s room would be off-limits for the girls. The crippled girl, Janice, manages to sneak into Bee’s room during the night and finds a doll locked inside a closet. After she plays in the room, she is haunted by an evil force. What has Janice unleashed in Bee’s room?—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




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